Introduction to MatchMyRoute - an app for matching up experienced with inexperienced cyclists

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This post introduces a project at Geovation on lowering the barrier for people to pick up cycling. The idea is to create a platform for buddying up experienced with inexperienced cyclists so that they can cycle together. We are creating an app for achieving this task which will soon be available for iOS and Android.


What is the problem?

  • There are big barriers to cycling in cities, such as
    • insufficient infrastructure (no (segregated) bike lanes)
    • lack of confidence of how to behave in traffic
    • complicated road network, difficult to figure out how to get from A to B
    • pollution

How do we want to address this problem?

  • Bringing together experienced cyclists that regularly take a route with cycle freshers who would like to take a route
  • Providing a convenient mechanism for achieving the above and giving reward points as an incentive

What’s the current status?

  • We have created an app and API providing the core functionality. This currently is in closed testing status but we’re planning to go into public beta this year.

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